Thursday, September 20, 2012

{ One month old . . . }

I can not believe it has already been a month since our little angel joined our family. I'm devastated that time is going by so quickly. But he has been such a wonderful addition. He is an angel baby and I can't get enough of him.

His big sister who absolutely adore him.

What a special gift this precious angel is. I feel so blessed to be his mother.


Katie said...

He is adorable! Congrats once again!!

WIKKY said...

Myla looks huge!!! His feet are huge!! Goes by so fast!!

Judy said...

I'm so proud that I have this picture hanging on the "Wall of Fame" in the Hammer Home. He's truly the cutest little nugget in the whole wide world.

Gram said...

Love those cute photos. That month has gone by fast. Rife certainly makes Myla look like a bid girl. I am so glad that she loves him!

I had fun watching Myla at the wedding. She is a doll even if she has a mind of her own. Sophie & Connor were darling at the wedding. They are getting so grown up. I love looking at pictures of the kids.